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Making Music Sound Real
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Owner : Mr. Raúl Carmona 
Car : Chevrolet Aveo GT 
Car´s name : Goliat

Comments :
The most notable in this system is an excellent control in the zone of mid-bass, confirming that MD0790 is an excellent speaker.
Excelent definition, accuraty and speed of the system. 
After the system was installed, there was an increasing in the sensation of 3D sound, in comparation with before systems used.
The weak point in my system it was the subwoofer ( not Phass brand ), which will be changed soon because I lost many points in my final average.

Congratulations Mr Kurokochi for your excellent sound products.
Simple ! Dash board layout.
Installed MD 0790 on the door
DTM 25 tweeter on A pillar
Clean construction !
AP 80.2 amplifier installed on the left side wall in cargo room.
A subwoofer on right side wall.
The overview of the cargo room.
One scene at the event hall
Most happy time !
Winner's car