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Making Music Sound Real
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Speaker system
Our 2 way system will be able to reproduce a thrilling sound without taking risks.
Phass 2 way speaker systems achieved a flat frequency response and a completed balance between a tweeter and a mid bass will transmit a great musical impression easily by selecting among many items at the beginning.  
TR 6.5ex New !
TR 6.5ex  / 6.5" 2 way system
TR 6.5ex is high end class 2 way system loudspeaker which idealized the balance of mid bass unit and tweeter unit completely. The woofer unit of MD 0790ex has a high grade magnet circuit consists of Alnico magnet and precise metal parts, and tweeter unit of AT 25ex also equippes an Alnico magnet and precise lathed metal parts. This 2 way system will reproduce quite smooth, warm, detailed and organic sound like full range speakers. 
Besides, the full range unit of FD 0790ex can also make optimal 2 way system with the completely flat frequency response instead of MD 0790ex mid bass unit. 
Music power : 100W / Frequency response : 60-20,000Hz / New Mid bass(MD 0790ex or FD 0790ex) Outer dimension, Diameter : 165mm / Fixing hole diameter : 140.4mm / Installing depth : 58mm / Tweeter (AT 25ex) Diameter : 37.5mm / Crossover : PX240HG-kai
Reference of TR 6.5ex frequency response curve:

HR 6.5
HR 6.5 / 6.5" 2 way system


This new system consists of 28 mm Neodym magnet tweeter NT 28B and MW 6516Neo 6.5" Neodym magnet mid bass. The tweeter of NT 28B adopts a silk fabric diaphragm and high grade Flat copper wire voice coil, and it is incorporated in plastic housing, the mid bass MW6516Neo has one piece molding pp cone driven by strong Neodym magnet. HR6.5 can perform dynamic coherent sound with great musicality with keeping flat frequency response.

Music power : 120W / Frequency response : 60-20,000Hz / Mid bass(MW6516Neo) Outer dimension, Diameter : 165mm / Fixing hole diameter : 141mm / Installing depth : 53mm / Tweeter (NT 13) Diameter : 38 mm / Crossover : PX205W

MR 6.5



MR 6.5 / 6.5" 2 way system 


MR6.5 consists of a PP cone mid bass and a small Neodym magnet tweeter. This original combination system can perform dynamic sounds from a strong bass range to a clear highest range rhythmically in good balance.  Its abstract expression reproduced by only MR6.5 is quite comfortable and interesteing. 


Music power : 150W / Frequency response : 50-20,000Hz / MId bass(MD6518) Outer dimension, Diameter : 165mm / Fixing hole diameter : 141mm / Installing depth : 58mm / Tweeter (NT13) Diameter : 38mm  / Crossover : PX205W