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Making Music Sound Real
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CL 202K
CL 202K - 2 way passive crossover 
CL 202K is our top range passive crossover which adopts high end grade capacitors and coils on its precise PCB.  This crossover realizes a perfect combination of our same grade tweeters and mid basses, and it never attenuate a original sound qualiry and a sound bolume level. CL 202K is a distinguished crossover which can completely develop speaker unit's capability. 
A crossover quality decides the quality of musical sound from the connected speakers.  
Crossover frequency: 2.2 KHz, 1212 dB.oct / Size(mm): 190(W)x217(L)x71(H)     
PX 240HG-Kai
PX 240HG Kai - 2 way passive crossover 
PX 240HG Kai is a standard crossover which can accomplish the great balance and optimal combination between the tweeter and mid basses.
Crossover frequency: 2.4 KHz, 12/12 dB.oct / Size(mm): 86(W)x148(L)x44(H)