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Making Music Sound Real
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RE 2                                                                                   RE amplifier technology
Real new high end
The RE 2 amplifier, which has easily surpassed sound quality of home audio amplifiers, is now equipped with a balanced line input stage, resulting in further improved sound quality.
When the signal form the source unit is transmitted to the RE 2, it is converted to a balanced signal by a BLD (Blanced line driver) at the input of the RE 2. This low noise signal is then transmitted by the constant current driving of RE 2 to the connected speakers.
The balanced line input stage of RE 2 takes music reproduction to a higher place.
RE 2 - 2 channel amplifier
Max output power:40Wx2 (RMS, 1KHz,10ohm) / Input sensitivity(10Kohm): RCA -10dBV(0.3V), Balance -18dBV
(0.13V) / Max input level: RCA +8dBV(8V), Balance +10dBV(3.2V) / Load impedance: 4-16ohm / Consumption curent:Idling time(no
signal) 3A, Remote off time: 2mA / Size(mm): 320(W)x92(H)x504(D)
RE 2.65
Highest level SEPP amplifier
We set out to create a SEPP amplifier that would be a part of our RE Series and offer such excellent sound quality that it would not bring dishonor to the Phass RE name and reputation. We accomplished our objective and proudly offer the RE 2.65 as the secondary SEPP based RE Series amplifier. NON-NFB circuit produces appropriate output power suitable for delivering electric current to speakers with quite low noise, allowing the amplifier to easily control speakers and produce vivid sound. Our sound design concept places RE 2.65 in the highest echelon of SEPP amplifiers.
RE 2.65 - 2 channel amplifier
Max output power:65Wx2 (RMS, 1KHz, 8ohm) / Input sensitivity(10Kohm): RCA 1.6V / Consumption curent:Idling time(no
signal) 1A, Remote off time: 2mA / Size(mm): 250(W)x56(H)x326(D)